Steel Injection Molds

Why Ontario Plastics?    As our comfort zone, we will deliver you with high-quality precision plastic parts from any steel mold.

High quality, precision parts from any mold

Ontario Plastics has used traditional steel injection molds since first opening. Like most molders, it’s our comfort zone. Although Aluminum molds are the latest technology and an area of OP expertise, steel molds continually provide a reliable way to create injected molded parts and remain the preferred method of molding for many applications. What’s in it for you? Steel molds last much longer than aluminum molds. Therefore, if you have high volume, complex parts, steel is the metal for you. It pays to consider your volume and processing requirements!

  • Steel molds can run over 1,000,000 parts with little wear
  • Depending on your volume, it typically makes more sense to run one steel mold for every 1,000,000 parts (vs. two aluminum molds at 500,000 per mold)
  • Steel also has a much larger density (7.75-8.05 g/cm3) versus aluminum (2.7 g/cm3) and can withstand more aggressive processes and harsher materials

Steel molds are best optimized for high volume, complex parts; such as:

  • Hydraulic core pull
  • Slide action
  • Hot runner manifolds

At OP, with our experience and expertise, we’re confident that we can work with you to determine the right type of metal for your custom mold.


  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Able to withstand aggressive processes and harsh materials
  • Still unsure? We’ll help you figure it out!

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