Mold Optimization

Why Ontario Plastics?  Understanding mold physics is an important key in Ontario Plastics’ philosophy— providing you with the best!

We get it right—for you!
Molds are controllable devices where performance can change dramatically due to many variables. As such, it is important to examine the individual components of your molds and ensure that each mold is performing optimally to meet your requirements.

If a problem exists and your mold is not running to its full potential, there can be many losses from poor part quality to increased labor costs.

It pays to do the math…

  • If your mold is not heating correctly (e.g., not reaching the required temperature due to faulty cooling channels), your cycle time will lengthen

Upon receiving or creating a mold, OPI will run samples and evaluate both the mold and part to determine if the mold is performing to expected standards or if modifications need to be made. If necessary, we then make recommendations and the essential adjustments to ensure the mold meets your rigorous requirements. Once we have established that your mold is performing to its full capability, and you have approved samples, we move into production.


  • Control
  • Security
  • Process optimization
  • Quality
  • Assurance

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