About Us

Why Ontario Plastics?    Because we bend over backwards to meet your needs.

Control: The OP Advantage
Welcome to Ontario Plastics, the injection molding company that bends over backwards for you. Although we’re known for our ability to “save the day” for our customers, we’re not into heroics. Like a skilled air traffic control team, we take every job seriously and we pride ourselves on our processes, tools and methodologies—along with our team-based culture of continuous improvement—because we care about meeting your requirements today and tomorrow. We’re here behind the scenes to serve you in the most effective manner possible. It’s our passion and livelihood.

Our Mission is to deliver unique, high-quality, custom solutions that other injection molders cannot provide to you through our front-end consultative services, in-house expertise, ingrained quality processes, meticulous project management, outstanding customer service and “can do” corporate culture aligned with meeting your needs.

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