Aluminum Injection Molding

Why Ontario Plastics?    Our expertise dealing with challenges provides you with a chance to have a high-quality finished good from a difficult aluminum mold.

Aluminum molds are our specialty!

Specializing in Aluminum Molds since the 1980’s, Ontario Plastics has developed the expertise and experience to take on any challenging aluminum injection molding job. What’s in it for you? Aluminum conducts heat 4–5X more efficiently than steel which melts the resin quicker and speeds up cycle times. It pays to do the math!

  • If a steel mold is running 45 second cycle times and we shaved six seconds off, it would bring the cycle time down to a 39-second cycle
  • At 100,000 parts, that’s a savings of 600,000 seconds or over 150 hours!
  • When you factor in labor costs over that period in time, it amounts to substantial savings for you
  • At OPI, we love a challenge. And because we understand aluminum injection molding through and through,
    we’re not intimidated by any challenge. Trust us. We know how to save you money with aluminum tools.

Testimonial from the industry’s best aluminum toolmaker

After working with Ontario Plastics since the mid-1970s, Dave Bank (AIM), quoted by IMM (Injection Molding Magazine) as being “The most outspoken tooling advocate in the world,” has extended his tooling guarantee to Ontario Plastics. Not only is this guarantee based on his confidence in Ontario’s aluminum experience and expertise, but also the entire maintenance and cleaning processes. After a new tool is complete, some are then transferred over to Ontario’s facility for production runs, and the toolmaker has called these transfers SEAMLESS.

– Dave Bank, Owner of Aluminum Injection Mold.

Although we still run QC7 molds, we also embrace the latest technology: QC10 which features:

  • Parting line locks
  • Hardened steel slides
  • Hot tips
  • Hard Coating


  • Decreased cycle times
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Still unsure? We’ll help you figure it out!

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