Read what our customers gladly say about OPI!

Buyer for a company in the agricutural industry
“I have always been pleased doing business with OPI, they always deliver high quality products to us, on time, every time. Their interest in maintaining communication has always let me know they are willing to work with us, concerning any issue, and OPI is quick to react to rectify an issue.”

Engineer in the brush & broom industry
“We had not been satisfied with our previous vendor, since switching to OPI we have experienced 100% satisfaction with their products and services. OPI has been amazing throughout the entire process, from engineering and design to customer service and product testing. We really have appreciated OPI’s superior customer service and the initiative to ensure our satisfaction.”

Purchasing Manager in the life sciences industry
“Prior to doing business with OPI, we had our own in-house molding. Due to capacity issues we had make the decision to outsource some of our production. We had felt reluctant because of prior outsourcing experiences, but the fact that OPI is a customer oriented company, we could quickly communicate with the important people, which helped us get our jobs done quicker. Ever since then, we have always appreciated OPI’s superior customer service, on time deliveries and competitive pricing.”

Buyer in the medical imaging industry
“The key thing about health products is top quality. Ontario Plastics has consistently provided us with not only superior quality parts and delivery, but it has always been accompanied with an efficient and quick response time. This has not only saved me time by not having to constantly do my own follow-ups, but has taken pressure off my shoulders, because I know that a top notch product will be delivered on time.”

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