Tool Transfers

Why Ontario Plastics?    We’ve outlined the process to give you peace of mind when transferring tools.

Peace of mind has never been this easy
Ontario Plastics has transferred thousands of molds and tools in the past seventy-eight years. We make the transfer of molds easy for buyers and engineers by taking care of all of the details for you.

What’s more? We offer you the opportunity to leverage our knowledge and expertise simply to ensure you’re getting reasonable pricing on your current projects—across all of your products and all of your vendors. We call it our “Market Basket Quotation.” Simply submit information (e.g., specifications, tooling) on your present injection molded components and OPI will send you a no obligation quotation for comparison. Why do we do this? Because you may be considering vendor diversification and we want to be at the top of your list.

From a satisfied client…
A buyer from a Measurement & Control company said: “One concern we had when transferring the tools was wondering if we would have parts to keep our production running over the down time of the tool. Due to the fact we are already low on parts, timing is critical.” Not only did Ontario Plastics help make the entire process go smoothly and timely, but also communication was great. Even the tools were picked up personally. “Ontario was helpful and easy to work with, but overall made the entire process SIMPLE!”

Tooling/Mold Transfers:
Ontario can accept your tools/molds to run your production parts. Transferring tools can be a difficult experience. At Ontario, we are in control, so you can relax!

  • We will bring your tools/molds in to our facility.
  • We will evaluate the tools/molds.
  • We will offer ideas for enhancements (optimization).
  • We will take digital images of the cavity & core.
  • We will set up your tool/mold in our machine.
  • Depending on the material requirements, we will either:
    – accept your supplied material.
    – offer a similar material from our vast inventory.
    – procure the material that meets your specifications, (charge may apply).
  • Run samples & optimize our molding process.
  • Evaluate samples & results from the sample run.
  • Offer our proposal based on the knowledge we gained.

We have transferred thousands of tools/molds since 1945! With that kind of experience, you can rest assured that “Your projects will be well-managed by OPI”!

Once your tools arrive they are:

  • Inspected
  • Sampled
  • Placed into production

OPI maintains an uninterrupted continuous supply of quality parts to your production line.


  • Peace of mind
  • No obligation quotation
  • Exhaustive price comparison
  • Full management of every detail

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