Design & Engineering

Why Ontario Plastics?  We make the process of taking your concept to production effortless. Relax—we’ve got it under control.

Ontario Plastics – Only invest in what’s right!
Prior to making a significant investment in tooling, our engineering department will work with you to ensure that your part can be produced according to your requirements. And we will use our state-of-the-art technology to interpret the strength of your intended part and ensure it meets your needs. If engineering changes, corrections or tooling modifications are required, we will communicate them to you immediately—prior to cutting the mold—and we will collaborate with you to ensure your needs are met in the best fashion possible. You have our word that, in order to gain your approval and maximize results, all concerns or issues will be raised and addressed.

Ontario Plastics has a variety of design services that range from:

  • New product development
  • Modifying existing products
  •  Metal to plastic conversion
  •  Mold flow analysis

We use up-to-date technology such as CAD to deliver a strong design and CAM to ensure proper manufacturing. Combining these efforts will produce a design that will meet and exceed your expectations.


  • Create and modify designs in-house
  • Consider wall thickness, size limitations, undercuts, cavity needs, milling considerations, part ejection, etc.
  • Increase your speed to market through rapid concept to production
  • Maximize your return on investment with better designs

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